Registration comes with one RollerSizeR Ab Toner and a Free Class or Online Personal Training! 


This is not like a regular fitness personal training. It focuses on alignment to better improve your fitness. We recommend three session and keep you regular personal training. These sessions will help you get fit F.A.S.T.E.R. in the gym and in life.  

These workouts are designed for the goals you personally want to achieve, lose weight, reduce aches and pains and feel good! Improve your golf fitness, tennis fitness and of course your lifestyle fitness. Each session ends with a relaxation segment and the Signature Bonita Fit Stretch!

​​​Bonita Fit Uses The RollerSizeR® Ab Toner in all of It's Programs. 

Seasonal Resident? 

Take your trainer with you! Online Personal Training is the way of the future. Use your phone or computer and get fit at home or on the road. Sessions are just 15 Minutes and you can have your personal trainer at your home, at the gym, in the office or on a vacation! One Day, Two Days and Five Days a week, get the workout, the motivation and the discipline of your own Online Personal Fitness Coach. 




Personal Training

​​ WalkerSizeR™ - A Outdoor Cardio Walking Program that works on Posture, Proper Walking Gait, Upper Body Flexibility and Core Training. All classes end with the signature "Bonita Palm" Stretches! 45 Minutes

WaisterSize™ - An Indoor Posture and Core Training Workout. Based on spinal alignment and core connection. This class releases back and neck pain and can improve your game in life! Class ends with the amazing "Bonita Palm" Stretches. 45 Minute