​​​Bonita Fit Uses The RollerSizeR® Ab Toner in all of It's Programs. 

Registration comes with one RollerSizeR Ab Toner and a Free Class or Online Personal Training! 

Chest Lift & Better Posture

Bonita Fit Tips! 

Put the RollerSizeR® behind your neck. Bend your knees and relax your legs. Now slowly roll down till you fill the middle of your tummy. Stay there and let that belly shake! Count to 10 if you are a beginner. Count to 30 if you are fit. Count to 60, I dare  you! You know you are doing it right when you feel a deep burning pain in your "Middle Muffin of Madness". 


Put the RollerSizeR under your knees. Grab the two balls like you are going to do a bicep curl. Which you are but we are working on the back and tummy too.

Bring you face as close to your knees as possible. Cross your ankles cause it just looks good. Hold for 10 seconds, do little tiny pulses to 20. If the tummy rolls get to cozy, or roll on top of each other, you are doing it right. But no one can get into your Crib! 

Have a tight upper back? A knot between your shoulder blades? Put your RollerSizeR under the chestline. Start with both knees bent. You will feel pressure.   Let The RollerSizeR® do it's thing and in about one minute the pressure will turn to relief. After 3 minutes, roll to your side and wait about 10 seconds. Slowly sit up. You may feel a bit dizzy and even better you may feel fantastic! This  "Posture Point" will back your back feel so good!

Middle Muffin Melt and Burn